Inner Voice

Book and Jewelry Box

I wrote this excerpt in response to a writing prompt from a journal of mine. I find the prompts really helpful when I have no idea what to write but want to practice to improve my writing.

My inner voice is a feeling of connection so deep and so vast that it cannot be explained in words, it can only be felt. It is shaped by a deep connection with myself, the energy of my soul and the powers of the universe and God.

It’s my soul, the piece of me that is connected to the Earth, the universe, the higher power, God, Jesus, the part of me that is deeply intertwined with the webbing that connects us to everything. It’s the voice that’s buried in the constant noise and destruction of every day life.

I often feel as though my inner voice is drowning in someone who is only doing what they think they’re supposed to do, based on what they’ve been told to do is right, for a lifetime.

C.A. Sullivan

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