Kingdom of Fire

Most of the time I write these short excerpts from stories I’ve imagined. It’s like puzzle pieces in my mind that I have to put together. They’re never in order, they never come all at once and sometimes the other pieces are never found. I hope I can use this blog as a place to store the pieces in hopes that one day I’ll be able to put them all together.

Fire surged around her. Lighting struck like bombs destroying everything. She knelt on the ground holding her love as his body turned to ashes. The wind whipped violently past and grabbed what was left of him up and away from her forever. She knelt there staring at her empty arms as the pillars of the last kingdom fell around her.

She stood, reached for her sword and walked into the fire with a rage in her heart so fierce, nothing could stop her.

Years after the war…

The humans are gone. When the demons rose up from the underworld during the apocalypse they slaughtered every last one of them. The Creator sent the angels down from the great kingdom to fight the demons and protect the humans, but they were defeated. Now, all that remained was a blackened world full of vile creatures. With deep feelings of loss and devastation, the last of the angels, called the Band, and the Creator retreated back to the great kingdom.

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