Red's Wings

The name’s Red. I had a real name once, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I flew down to this hellhole called Earth via wings. That’s right, wings. Ya see, I’m an angel. Don’t look like much now do I? Well, that doesn’t make a difference.

I was sent here to fight a war on demons until I fell in love with a human. I gave up my wings to be with him. But the demons had another idea. They killed him, took him from me knowing I could never return to heaven and knowing that without him, I wouldn’t want to stay on Earth.

They hunt me and terrorize me. But I’m a fighter. After all, my mission here was to kill them and kill them I will. Every last one of ’em. Righteousness may not be my saving grace but I wanted this human life so I’ll be damned if I let these monsters take me, literally.

C.A. Sullivan

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