Lost and Found

Sometimes I get lost. Buried in my own anxiety and fear. But then when it clears, the girl I remember rises to the surface again. It’s like she was hiding from the parts of me that she doesn’t know. The parts that strip her of her freedom of self. But when she rises to the…

Self Doubt

Self doubt eats away at your thoughts, Building fear deep within, Ripping the very dreams from your heart, Replacing them with nothing but regret, Eventually devouring your soul entirely, Leaving you but a shell of a being. – C.A. Sullivan


Practice being present in each momentand find the the gifts each day has to offer. – C.A. Sullivan

The In Between

Achieving success is a dance between patience and taking action. Knowing when to take a step forward and knowing when to wait. If you’re always moving, you’ll miss all the small achievements in between where you once were and where you’re going. Being able to sit in the in between is to be content. -…


Learn how to be contentWith what you have,Without putting a haltTo the things you’veYet to achieve. – C.A. Sullivan

The Smudge

In the corner, sits a smudgeIt’s been mocking me And will not budgeI try to erase it, with no such luckIt lives on my paperRunning a muckI try to cover it, with illustrations a glowBut it’s there underneathAll the colors in towFor it lives on my paper, forever a smudgeBothering me greatlyWith its hiss and…

Ocean Magic

The ocean is captivating.Vast and terrifying in size,Yet humbling and calming.Don’t be fooled,By it’s beauty or wonder.Respect the waves.For they will crash,And the riptide is not forgiving.When the tide recedes,It will give way,To the sparkling sand,Once again. – C.A. Sullivan

The Sun’s Sacrifice

The orange sun sets,Kissing the oceans edge,Calming it’s unsettled waves,Healing it’s lonely tears,Warming it’s cold heart.It’s not without sacrifice, That the sun soothes the ocean so,For she is swallowed up each night,Taken from her place in the sky,And drowned in the sea’s misery, Until a new day, When she can rise,and shine again. – C.A.…


Don’t follow the road most taken.Lay down your own tracks,move forward with confidence.When you start to lose hope,look back upon what you’ve builtand remember how far you’ve come. – C.A. Sullivan


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