The Sun’s Sacrifice

The orange sun sets,
Kissing the oceans edge,
Calming it’s unsettled waves,
Healing it’s lonely tears,
Warming it’s cold heart.
It’s not without sacrifice,
That the sun soothes the ocean so,
For she is swallowed up each night,
Taken from her place in the sky,
And drowned in the sea’s misery,
Until a new day,
When she can rise,
and shine again.

– C.A. Sullivan

The Cottage

The cottage stood all alone,
Collecting dust and leaves.
Weathered by the elements,
Forgotten and left behind.
The air here used to be warm,
Bursting with the scent of vanilla,
Sweet like cinnamon sugar,
Sparkling with magic.
Now all that fills its rooms,
Is the sting of heartbreak,
Of a love long lost.
It’s despair whispers
through the empty rooms,
Cutting through the air,
Like the sharp edge of a knife,
Landing on the hearts of its victims.
The doors close,
Trapping me inside.
Forever lost.

– C.A. Sullivan


Love demands everything
and wants nothing.
It grows powerful
but makes one powerless.
Love conquers all
and destroys some.
It repairs broken hearts
but causes heartbreak.
Love feels strong
and is felt by the weak.
Love builds slowly
but it can be taken away quickly.
Who are we without love?
Empty reflections of our true selves.
Love is a necessity 
and emptiness is a heavy burden to carry.

- C.A Sullivan

Night Love

Secretary Desk and Books
When night falls,
our hearts touch.
Speech becomes absent.
I stand before you,
yours for the taking.
The best of friends,
the most passionate of lovers,
such a whirlwind is our love.
As the night fades, 
the magic lifts,
and I find myself alone.
Until the next time,
we meet again,
in the deepest part,
of my most divine dreams.

C.A. Sullivan

A Dreamer’s Dream

Book with Cameo
Under stormy skies,
she walked the mores for hours.
Alone, yet never feeling his absence.
The moon glowed behind the clouds,
calling to her in the night.
She crossed the rushing rivers bridge,
through the forest of darkness,
and into the realm,
where only dreamer's dream.
There she stayed,
to rest her head,
and slumber deep.
For the moon nor the spirit,
could reach her there.

– C.A. Sullivan