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Spirit Animals

Do you believe in omens? I always try to see the messages in the world that come to me which is why I love this Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer. Anytime I see an animal or dream of an animal, I look it up in this book to see what it means. Kind … Continue reading Spirit Animals


I walked through the tomato garden with my Poppy after the fresh rain. The smell of wet earth hung in the air. Bright green vines hung from the plants. My shoes sunk in the moist soil with each step. We walked together as he spoke to me about the tomatoes. I plucked one from the … Continue reading Poppy

Conquering Anxiety

Don’t allow your anxiety to cripple you from becoming who you were meant to be. Easier said than done right? Anyone struggling with anxiety knows it’s not something that will just go away, it’s something you have to work through, and it’s hard. I struggle with it often and find it difficult to even function … Continue reading Conquering Anxiety