Welcome to my blog! I’ve combined my knowledge of marketing and my many interests onto these pages, illuminating the many topics I’m passionate about. Here you’ll find a little bit about everything, from my own life experiences, to marketing tips, to poems I’ve written, to books I love. I hope that you find something here that is helpful to you or that enlightens you. Enjoy!

Latest from the Blog

Self Doubt

Self doubt eats away at your thoughts, Building fear deep within, Ripping the very dreams from your heart, Replacing them with nothing but regret, Eventually devouring your soul entirely, Leaving you but a shell of a being. – C.A. Sullivan


Practice being present in each momentand find the the gifts each day has to offer. – C.A. Sullivan

The In Between

Achieving success is a dance between patience and taking action. Knowing when to take a step forward and knowing when to wait. If you’re always moving, you’ll miss all the small achievements in between where you once were and where you’re going. Being able to sit in the in between is to be content. – … Continue reading The In Between